Afghanistan – Wild Shepherdess

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  • In Afghanistan, Kate Humble meets traditional shepherds in the remote Wakhan Corridor.Kate Humble visits shepherdesses in at least 3 countries in this excellent documentary series. In addition to Afghanistan she also visits Peru and Australia.

    Kate lived with the semi-nomadic herders of the Wakhan Corridor in northern Afghanistan, Peru’s alpaca farmers in the High Andes, and Australia’s Out back shepherds. Sharing in the lives of both small-scale, traditional shepherds and technologically and scientifically-driven industrial farmers, Wild Shepherdess explores the past,present and future of global agriculture.

    The scenic beauty of this country, although often spectacular, is less important to its visitors than the hospitality and courtesy you will be been shown by the many Afghan people you will meet there. Most Afghans want to live in peace and look forward to a day when the razor wire and blast walls will disappear.

    Afghanistan has overwhelming challenges; however, it also has great human and natural resources that are already serving as the foundation of a recovery.

    Directed by: Kate Humble


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