Emotional Intelligence

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  • You have probably heard and perhaps even used to hear that people with higher intelligence quotient – the famous Q.I – are the ones that do best in their professional careers. What you might not know is that there is another kind of intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, that seems to be the secret behind many successful people.

    There are hidden messages in every emotion. But how good are you at identifying them? The more you learn to identify the messages and act upon them, the more emotionally mature you will be. This documentary takes a look at the hidden messages in unpleasant emotions we experience on a daily basis.

    Helping you become more emotionally intelligent, this documentary will let you know how to use unpleasant emotions like anger and depression as a tool for personal growth and improvement.

    You definitely get emotions on a daily basis. We are humans, not robots. So, make sure to identify the messages in your emotions.

    Emotions (the hidden messages) is an educational documentary film about the hidden messages in unpleasant emotions we experience on a day to day basis. The film will help you understand your emotions better by becoming emotionally intelligent and use unpleasant emotions like anger, depression, resentment, fear, envy etc. as a tool for personal improvement and growth.

    The film is based on Paul Robinson’s best selling life coaching audio program titled ‘The Inner Game of Success’. In addition there are insights from the world’s leading success philosophers and coaches like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor and Robin Sharma, to make this documentary learning experience worth a watch. It is also available on amazon prime video here.

    Directed by: Revolution Films


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