Extremists Next Door

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  • Extremists Next Door documentary reported by Adam Yamaguchi reports on how parents, activists and others are combating gaming and anonymous social media sites that have become breeding grounds for right-wing extremists, who are mostly young white men disenchanted with their place in society.

    “In recent years, anonymous social media sites and gaming have become breeding grounds for right-wing extremists. Mostly Populated by young white men disenchanted with their place in society, the platforms have become spaces where hate is normalized and disaffected young people are susceptible to radicalization. CBSN Originals’ Adam Yamaguchi reports parents, activists and even some former white nationalists are trying to find ways to stop it, but as much of the rhetoric is cropping up on mainstream platforms it’s proving to be an uphill battle.

    Adam Yamaguchi (Los Angeles, California) is an American television correspondent and producer. He is best known as a correspondent on and producing the Peabody Award winning series, Vanguard, on Current TV, a former cable network founded by former US Vice President Al Gore.

    Directed by: Adam Yamaguchi

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