Learning German: integration by language

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  • Jaime Beck teaches German to refugees – even though his own German isn’t perfect. Why are his classes always full? His students say it’s because when he talks it sounds like a song and because Jaime teaches them so much more than just the German language.

    What does integration mean and who is responsible?

    According to the federal migration ministry, the aim of integration is that immigrants “have an equal stake in all areas of societal life whilst respecting cultural diversity.”

    For anyone learning a new language, it’s easy to get frustrated after the first few lessons. But the Colombia Jaime Beck from knows how to keep his students coming. His lessons for refugees cover much more than just dry vocabulary and grammar rules; he delves into “street German” as well. Another part of his integration language courses involves showing his class what Germany is all about – for example by visiting the opera. A Report by Oxana Evdokimova

    Directed by: Oxana Evdokimova


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