Superhuman Genius

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  • Some minds are so exceptional they change the world. We don’t know exactly why these people soar above the rest of us, but science offers us clues. “Most geniuses,” says Plomin, “don’t come from genius parents.” Where does genius come from? Is it the byproduct of tireless work, developmental happenstance or divine inspiration? This documentary

    • Superhuman Geniuses documentary explores people with incredible mental knowledge & strength.

    What makes a genius?

    Perhaps for athletes, a genius is an Olympic medalist. In entertainment, a genius could be defined as an EGOT winner, someone who has won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award. For Mensa, the exclusive international society comprising members of “high intelligence,” someone who scores at or above the 98th percentile on an IQ or other standardized intelligence test could be considered genius.

    The most common definition of genius falls in line with Mensa’s approach: someone with exceptional intelligence.

    Directed by: ITV Studios


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